Sort of Granada related...

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Sort of Granada related...

Post  kez60 on Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:14 am

I joined up here to get some information about air conditioning units in the Granada 2.8. I assume they were fitted or an option.
I don't own a Granada, I own a Capri 2.8 and would like to see how difficult it is to retro fit an A/C unit to it as I need it badly due to the hot weather here in Australia.
I would appreciate if any owners could offer advice or post some pictures of how the A/C unit goes into the Granada as I can't see how it would be done.
Thanks in advance,


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Re: Sort of Granada related...

Post  andys280176 on Thu Mar 19, 2015 8:41 am

Hi Kez

I've got a schematic diagram of the air con for the 2.8, I'll try and attach it later when I can find it. I think fitting it to a capri shouldn't be impossible although you would need to do some extensive work, especially to fit into interior and would need to try and retro fit the evaporator somewhere. From what I can recall the capri bulkhead is more like the MK1 granada and cortina mk3/4/5 with external air-box. I think your best bet would be to find someone that has already done the job and copy that, they might have a guide. You could also look for the mercury capri, which was US based Capri, which is more likely to have air-con and get parts from that to fit.



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