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Post  banol on Tue May 14, 2013 5:54 am

Hi to Everyone Smile

My name is Wojtek and I live in Krakow. My adventure with old Fords stared somewhere in the 90's, with Taunus mkII (Cortina mkIV) 2.0 V6. Taunus soon was replaced with mkII pre-facelift Granada 2.8i Ghia estate. It served well for several years, but when chance to get a decent mkIII 2,9i appeared, decided to drive the Scorpio for a while. The last one was sold in 2002 and since then, there was no Ford parked in front of whatever i was living in. We have the saying in polish - Old love never rusts - so after 12 years without Ford decided to get one again. (The saying is not true in this case, this love rusts badly Very Happy) Always wanted to own facelift mkII saloon with Ghia specs. It's quite hard to get one o the Continent, you may find some in Germany, but the prices are crazy. So, where to go to get one ? GB obviously Smile And here it is, 1985 Ghia X 2,8 carb. Pretty unmolested, a little bit rusty underneath, but meet my expectations afterall. Odo reads 06250, which to me looks like 106k, rather than 206k (If it is 206k respect to all the previous owners for looking after the car so well ) No service history unfortunately.
The plan is to drive it as much as possible and restore on some stage. The car is complete and original, apart of C3 gearbox being replaced with N9. All the clips, covers and little details are in place. Must say, that it makes me smile everytime i open the garage.

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RS rims replaced with more 'back to date' TRXs

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