Power steering turning off engine

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Power steering turning off engine Empty Power steering turning off engine

Post  raymond_cruz on Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:39 am

Hello friends,
can you help me with this problem?
I have Ford Granada 2.8 carburettor (originally Solex 38, now Weber 38 DGAS).
Usually, but not allways, when I turn on (parking, sharp turning on the spot) power steering choking engine too much, or kills engine entirely. I have replaced hydraulic pump, after replacing it is a little better. When I turn slowly, so not a big problem, but the steering lock to lock is problem.
Engine is in very good condition, torque is very good in low rpms, in high rpms have grads, compressions is about 11 Bars. Should I look for the problem in carburator, or engine, or power steering? Finally, I have knownledge, when I come after a steeper run and stops, sometimes engine is choking like overflooding gasoline. May be problem in carburettor? I have bought this weber in fast road cars UK as new stock and car runs perfectely.
Thank you very much for possible answers!
Raymond from Czech republic


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Power steering turning off engine Empty Re: Power steering turning off engine

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:26 pm

Common problem on these cars, try turning the idle speed up a bit


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