1990 SIERRA ENGINE SWAP ........

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1990 SIERRA ENGINE SWAP ........

Post  greendragon3 on Sat Mar 17, 2012 3:28 am

hi again , just a quick story and a few pics about a recent engine swap we did on the fathers old sierra , 90 SO 1212 has had a geat life bought new by a local man and kept in pristine condition until the father purchased her from hendersons of sligo ( main ford dealers ) in 1995 with only 45000 miles on the clock , he used it daily for the next ten or twelve years and kept her in great shape , plenty of driving but the ould fella is super safe and real old skool ( ten to two on the steering etc !!! ) he did a couple of trips to england in her also but long story short a few years back he pulled in to fill her up and accidentally filled her to the neck with diesel !!!!! oops , any we thought the engine was fooked so we sourced a replacement from what we were told was a genuine 22,000 miler , turns out there was a 2 or a 3 in front of those miles as the engine was wanked and wouldnt run right or pull the skin off a rice pudding despite all efforts , the ould fella got pissed off and bought an avensis ( i know , sacrilige ) and the sierra was parked up for a good few years , anyhow meself and the brother got to scheming and decided to get a " new " engine for it and thanks to mark carter and james crowe we got a minter , genuine milage well maintained 1.6 pinto out of another sierra , got her home the other day and started stripping , we had to change carbs over as the fathers runs an automatic choke , new set of leads and dizzy and a wee bit of fettling and away she went first crack of the key , running as sweet as a nut and not a hint of the dreaded blue stuff !!!!! next move now is a fresh NCT ( MOT ) and a bit of paperwork for the windscreen and she will be back on the road , he hopes to get to a good few runs and shows in her this year , here are a few pictures guys , oh a big thank you to kieth ( the donkey ) for helping us swap out the engine , he is in the pictures , he knows who he is !!!!!!!!


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